1. AvatarPaul says

    Well i will certainly agree one hundred percent that man should never be alone at all. And with the kind of women that we have out there nowadays which unfortunately God even doesn’t have any control over these type of women that just want to party all the time and get wasted too, and this is the real excellent reason why they like to sleep around with all different kinds of men instead of committing themselves to just only one good man. So as you can really see how very difficult it is for many of us good men that really were hoping to meet the right good woman to settle down with. It is the women of today that have really changed for the worst of all that have really caused this problem unfortunately to begin with, and that is quite a change from the old days when most of the women back then weren’t like that at all which made real love very easy to find as well. Quite a change in the women of today. Wouldn’t you say?

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